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The Latest Pessimism About Housing

The Prism Daily: Tue, Oct 09, 2012
Your daily financial news-tritional supplement. From David Taylor and Gordon Philips, Directors with Prism Solutions, LLC | | ‘Better Investing Through Science’

Precis: Existing Homes Inventory Same As 2004

Housing: Plenty of Reasons to Be Pessimistic
“… data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that inventories of existing homes are back to where they were eight years ago… Nowadays, a much greater share of transactions are in the ‘distressed’ category than before the bubble burst…. more than 20 percent of sales are foreclosures and short sales.”

Dionne Warwick sang, “A house is not a home”. But it’s also not an investment as millions of distressed, upside-down and foreclosed owners have discovered.

At Prism Solutions we suggest that the primary function of a house is survival, of shelter against the storm, of avoiding having to live in a tent city or worse: outdoors and homeless.

Secondarily, a house is a nice place to raise children, work on your gun and coin collections, grow a hydroponic garden in your basement, etc. But an investment?

If you want to invest, do it with funds that are not needed for survival. Get survival handled first (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) then invest with what you’ve got left. Don’t have anything left? Don’t invest.

Life is so simple when you follow the rules. Unfortunately, common sense is not. We would suggest that if you have funds left over after your survival issues have been addressed, that you try our automated wealth augmentation services for yourself.

We can put you many years ahead of a bank CD and getting started is as easy as requesting your FREE, no-obligation consultation. We stand ready to help you achieve your wealth development goals and answer your toughest questions.

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