Is America Prepared For Mass Social Unrest?

The Prism Daily: Thu, Oct 11, 2012
Your daily financial news-tritional supplement. From David Taylor and Gordon Philips, Directors with Prism Solutions, LLC ‘Better Investing Through Science’

Precis:  Europe continues to heat up as one riot after another breaks out.

Of course, you wouldn’t know this if you get your news and information from American media bosses. Now we read…

Switzerland Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest In Europe
“Talk about a bell weather for social unrest… the Swiss… [are] preparing for civil unrest… Despite being one of the most stable and economically vibrant countries in the world, primarily as a result of its refusal to join the Euro, Switzerland is preparing for mass civil unrest in central Europe that could spill over its border, by mobilizing troops to deal with potential disorder… ‘Europe’s massive fiscal-cum-political crisis could get very unpleasant’…”

No one messes with the Swiss. Everyone left them along in both Word Wars I and II and to this day every polite household is armed to the teeth with military assault weapons.

Someone in Switzerland is paying attention. Apparently the Swiss don’t want untidy masses of rioting malcontents spillng over their borders. Just imagine America adopting a similar policy. Why, there would be no illegal immigrants and millions more Americans would have jobs.

At Prism Solutions we forecast that serious civil unrest will come to America, but probably not until food prices really take off. In fact it’s possible given continuing deteriorating economic conditions that the Rodney King riots could have been just the warm up for what’s ahead.

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