Economic Crisis to Last ‘At Least a Decade’

The Prism Daily: Mon, Oct 08, 2012
Your daily financial news-tritional supplement. From David Taylor and Gordon Philips, Directors with Prism Solutions, LLC  ‘Better Investing Through Science’

Precis: Economic Crisis to Last ‘At Least a Decade’

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of battered investors still crawling around the bottom of their retirement accounts looking for green shoots. But it looks as though brown is the color of fashion for quite a while to come. Today we read:

IMF Chief Economist: World Economic Crisis To Last 10 Years
“The International Monetary Fund’s chief economist says the world economic crisis will take at least 10 years to emerge from its 2008 disaster mark…’It will surely take at least a decade from the beginning of the crisis for the world economy to get back to decent shape’… saying the United States has a fiscal problem it hasn’t addressed yet, and Japan faces decades to solve its debt problems.”

The IMF isn’t your local nickel and dime. These guys are the global central bank of central banks. The capo de tutti capi. And this isn’t just some low level grunt economist. This is their chief economist, the top honcho. And he isn’t saying maybe, he’s saying surely. So let’s recap. The highest level economist at the highest level bank is saying that the crisis recovery will surely take at least a decade from 2007 which puts us at 2017 at the soonest, or a minimum of 5 years away.

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