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Click here to follow along. You’ll need to multiply the current monthly return x 12 to get the annual return, currently running darn close to 1.0%. (* Not issued by a bank, not a real CD, not FDIC insured, not connected with any government, offered for comparative purposes only. Entertainment too.).

The Prism Daily: Wed, Sep 26, 2012
Hardly a day passes without some fresh pontificating about whether stocks are likely to go up or down from here. Will they rally if Romney is elected? Will they plummet if Obama gets in again? It’s a giant guessing game, one that leaves investors in a state of perpetual paralysis. From CNBC we read…

Honeymoon Over as Markets Brace for Volatile Times
“The S&P 500 index on Tuesday suffered its worst day in three months, while Asian stocks slumped on Wednesday, with Japan’s benchmark Nikkei stock index down 1.7 percent in early trade… A retreat in global markets, which have seen stellar gains over the last three months, reflects a shift in sentiment among investors, analysts say… markets are expected to remain volatile heading into the final quarter of the year… ‘The honeymoon period for markets is over. There is a realization that central banks have laid their cards on the table now and not much more can be done to help growth’…”

On the other hand Dear Reader, the additional trillions of fresh credit dollars that the Fed is about to inject into the economy (once again) could fuel yet another inflationary rise in equities and stock indices could power higher from here. Unfortunately, those additional trillions of dollars will dilute the purchasing power of the trillions already in circulation and stock market gains will more than be erased through purchasing power erosion. So it’s basically a wash.

Seated here in the engineering room at Prism Solutions — Gordon with a donut and a cup of coffee and Dave with a celery stalk and a cup of wheat grass juice — we watch this drama being played out on numerous financial screens and charts around the room. For us, it’s the ultimate in economic entertainment, the equivalent of watching daytime soap operas on TV.

Meanwhile, our intrepid money-manufacturing algorithms continue to power higher, delightfully oblivious to the buzz and confusion, jacking up client equity almost daily. If your retirement could use a hoist, may we suggest that our automated wealth augmentation services might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Watching your account grow almost every day may not be as much fun as watching all the angst and anxiety on MSNBC, but it’s the best we can do to keep you entertained through the emerging Greater Depression.

Getting started is as easy as requesting your FREE, no-obligation consultation. We stand ready to help you achieve your wealth development goals and answer your toughest questions.

And May All Your Investments Be Profitable…

David Taylor and Gordon Philips, Directors
Prism Solutions, LLC

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The Prism Daily
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