Labor Day Parade Grinding to a Halt

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The Prism Daily: Mon, Sep 17, 2012
Labor Day recently celebrated America’s labor force. But why would we do that? Why not celebrate freedom from labor instead? After all, people don’t throw a party when they take out a mortgage, they throw a party when they burn it. In any event, labor as we know it seems to be on the wane these days. From the Wall Street Journal we read:

Men See Lowest Participation Rate on Record
“The labor force participation rate is that percentage of the adult population that is employed or actively seeking employment… In August, this group was 63.5% of the population. That was the lowest figure since September 1981, when it also stood at 63.5%, according to the Labor Department‘s Bureau of Labor Statistics… For men, the August participation rate figure was 69.8%. That’s the lowest on record. The records of the Labor Department began in 1948.”

1948 was 64 years ago. America was emerging from World War II as millions of GI’s, freshly returned from overseas theatres of war, went to work to build, produce and pump up the economy. By 1952 the Dow Jones Industrial Average had eclipsed its old 1929 pre-crash high and moved even higher. America was on the march!

Unfortunately, that march is slowly coming to a parade halt. We can’t get the entire nation moving again, Dear Reader, but we can get you moving if you need some help.

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And May All Your Investments Be Profitable…

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