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The Prism Daily: Thu, Sep 13, 2012

Here’s a bit of economic data that can’t be fudged. It seems that the volume of help wanted ads is dropping like a stone. We read…

Help Wanted Ads Plunge By Most Since Lehman Collapse
“…one won’t read anywhere that one of the most reliable indicators when it comes to real time hiring data as reported by the actual job market… namely Help Wanted ads just plunged by the most since the Lehman collapse… New Help Wanted ads plunging by a whopping 325,700, or the most since February 2009… businesses have become a lot less willing to hire in the last two months… Help wanted online ads posted a second straight triple-digit decline in Aug after Jul’s big drop. Importantly, new ads accounted for the bulk of the weakness.”

If your business doesn’t need help it’s because you aren’t doing so hot. Growing businesses add new help to expand, they don’t fail to advertise for it. Combined with the percentage of men who are active in the workforce now at its lowest since 1948, the economy is still contracting into a black hole, with folks on food stamps lingering at the event horizon.

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