Gold In, Dollar Out

Gold. The yellow relic. The world’s oldest store of value. Treasure of kings. The anti-dollar.

Main street America will probably wake up to the value of diversifying into gold when a golden bull rampaging down Wall Street is depicted on the front cover of TIME magazine. At Prism Solutions we look forward to that day since it will be a sure sign that phase 3 of the bull market in gold will have begun.

Phase 1 was when the insiders and smart money got in, back in 2002. Phase 2 will be when institutional investors start getting in. Signs of that are appearing already. Phase 3 will be the mania phase, the tulip bulb phase. This is when you’ll want to sell everything that isn’t nailed down on Craigslist, buy gold and enjoy the show.

Unless, of course, the then current administration confiscates gold in the name of national emergency. In which case you would want to be holding most of your gold outside of the United States in a country that does not have an information-sharing agreement in place with Uncle Sam. Perhaps the sovereign island nation of Forvik?

Unbeknownst to Americans who get their news and information from TV, China is buying up gold with both fists. Venezuela recently repatriated 85% all of their gold that had been held in London vaults by shipping it home under military escort. And now China is moving another big piece on the international chessboard. From IndiaVision we read:

China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency
“… China is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo bars in order to issue a new gold-backed currency. Many say this will disrupt global trade and will eventually cause a collapse of the US dollar… The cat is now out of the bag, the US will be given the bums rush by the largest trading nations… and the dollar will go down in flames.”

The greater gold shines in prominence as an international currency, the more the luster will come off the dollar. Clients of ours have asked how all this will affect the currency market. The short answer is that it won’t really.

It will take years for daily trading volume for the dollar to decline substantially. As it does, other currencies will increase in traded volume to replace it. And we will do what the Marines do every step of the way: improvise and adapt.

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And May All Your Investments Be Profitable…

David Taylor and Gordon Philips, Directors
Prism Solutions, LLC

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