Diversify Ahead of Default

The United States government will never be able to make good on its obligations. Sooner or later, Uncle Sam will default. The consequence of this will be nothing short of social upheaval. Mises.org informs us:

Hyperinflation Is Not Inevitable (Default Is)

“… the federal government at some point will have to default on large portions of the long-term debt. The numbers do not lie… the government cannot get out of its obligations by fiat money. It cannot default by using hyperinflation, because hyperinflation will only last a few years, but the obligations last for the next 75 years… The government is going to have to renege on promises made to the vast majority of people who are now dependent on the federal government for their retirement income, and it will also default on the workers who are still in the workforce, who are paying each payday into Social Security and Medicare.”

What cannot go on forever will stop one day. Denial runs deep, and no amount of attempts at explanation will prepare the vast majority of Americans for the reality of this. Your job, Dear Reader, is to be the 1% who will be prepared. But what does default look like? What would the social consequences be? What, precisely, can you do to prepare?

The first and foremost step is to diversify out of the dollar. Think of the United States as if it were a company like Google and the dollar a share of stock in USA, Inc. Likewise, think of the euro as a share of stock in the European Union, Inc; of the yen as a share in Japan, Inc.; of the Swiss Franc as a share in Switzerland, Inc., etc.

Are the funds you haveĀ invested in 401k’s, IRA’s and other vehicles held 100% in the same stock or mutual fund? Of course not. You wouldn’t dream of holding just a single one.

Then why are 100% of your sovereign debt holdings all held in the same ‘country’ stock? Why are 100% of your investments denominated in dollars? Why aren’t you diversified amongst other sovereign currencies too? It can only be because you don’t see the connection.

The United States comprises 5% of the world’s population. What currencies do the other 95% of the world’s population hold their life savings in? When the U.S. dollar defaults, will all of those other currencies default at the same time? Of course not.

Another important step in protecting yourself against a sovereign debt default is to grow a portion of your money as quickly and safely while you are still able, to get ahead of the crowd. This is where Prism Solutions can help.

Our automated wealth augmentation software currently trades the Australian Dollar against the Canadian Dollar, typically generating in a single week an entire year’s worth of returns from a bank CD.

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And May All Your Investments Be Profitable…

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Prism Solutions, LLC

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