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The Squawk Box
Keith, a Prism client comments:  “Hi David and Gordon. How do you guys do this? I am taking great pleasure in logging into my account each day and seeing it go up and up and up. Almost every day the wins are larger than the losses. I know that things have to be judged over a longer period of time, and there may be some losing days…..but you guys seem to be doing really well!!!! Best wishes, Keith A.”

To which Gordon replies:  “Hi, Keith. Glad you’re enjoying the levitation! Indeed, there will be ups and downs along the way. But over the longer term the ups should vastly outnumber the downs, and that’s all that matters in the long run. Glad you’re happy. Enjoy the summer.”

Today’s Market MRI:  GDP Shock Fall: UK Growth In 2012 ‘Inconceivable’, Warn Economists

The Telegraph Reports: “The economy shrank by 0.7pc in the second quarter – far more than the 0.2pc fall expected… It marks the third successive quarter of contraction, leaving Britain in its longest double-dip recession in more than 50 years… ‘I think it’s inconceivable that there’ll be positive growth this year,’ said Gerard Lyons, chief economist at Standard Chartered…”

Prism Responds: We love ‘inconceivable’. It’s so definitive, so final, so terribly impossible. Mathematics is the same; so wonderfully concrete. For 2+ 2 will always equal 4, even during declining economies. Surely you can appreciate why we don’t try to guess how much farther Britain’s economy (or Spain’s or America’s, or…) is likely to collapse, because it simply doesn’t matter. All the way down, 2 +2 will still equal 4… and there are profits to be had! Now you know why Gordon keeps a bust of Archimedes in his office (right next to his Benanke doll, the one with all the pins).

Hail To The Cheats!
So many bankers, politicians and other bureaucrats have been cheating the American public for so long that it’s impossible to keep count, even with a score card (which some still call voting).

We say, why worry what damage the next administration may do to the economy, when you can create your own economy? While others fret about ZIRP, GDP and CDO’s you’ll be enjoying the potential for a nice 3% per month (36% per year) to DOUBLE your money every two years.

And if we can get you 4% a month, your money could DOUBLE every 18 months.
Then again, a nice 6% per month could DOUBLE your money every year.
How long do you think it will take the stock market to double from here? (yawn)
Will any of us live that long?

Our Prism Presidential Package can help you get started with just a $2,500 minimum account (about the cost of a spectacular, hi-def plasma TV + megawatt surround sound) and your first billing period is FREE. As for the excitement you’ll feel watching mathematics at work growing fresh equity for you out of thin air – priceless. Click here for details.

And May All Your Investments Be Profitable,

David Taylor and Gordon Philips,
Directors of

‘Better Investing Through Science’

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