‘I’d Like a Second Opinion’

The Prism Daily
From David Taylor and Gordon Philips, the Forex Brothers. Your ‘One-A-Day’ financial news-tritional supplement, including trace elements of economic analysis that every healthy investor needs. Addresses a wide variety of monetary afflictions, from vacillation to impecunity. Specially formulated to go down easy! WARNING: Side effects may include elevated cognition and bouts of epiphany. If symptoms persist, unplug cable TV.

Today’s Market MRI:  Drought Lights Fire Under Food Prices, USDA Says

Reuters Reports: “Food prices will race ahead faster than prices of other goods in the United States this year and next, due to the worst drought in more than a half a century… American consumers may pay 3.5 percent more at the grocery store this year, with higher prices for meat, poultry and fruit… ‘The drought is really going to hit food prices next year,’ said Richard Volpe, a USDA economist, adding the pressure on food prices would start to build later this year.”

Prism Responds: Why be a victim of rising food prices when you can get FREE food from the Forex! Open a modest account with us, grow it a 2%-4% a month, withdraw profits periodically, add them to your grocery budget and voila!, you’ve just hedged inflation and held the cost of food for your family rock-steady. We say, why be at the mercy of the general economy when you can create your own economy?

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Got nothing to do this Tuesday night besides sit there in the dark and fret about the future of the economy? Why not join Gordon on our next fun and informative Open House and learn a thing or to about what’s really going on? The information is always FREE… all you have to do is bring your own container. To learn more click here for our Open House info page where you’ll also enjoy access to recorded videos of exciting past sessions.

‘I Want A Second Opinion’
Henny Youngman: “The doctor says I’m fat. I tell him I’d like a second opinion. So he says, ‘OK, you’re ugly too!”

– Is the body of your retirement planning unhealthy?
– Suffering from a deficiency of equity?
– Starving for profits?

Perhaps you’ve already worked with a wealth practitioner. You know, a financial planner? Most of the financial planners we’ve seen must be advocates of the Jenny Craig School of Portfolio Management because after you’ve worked out with them for a while, your net worth slims right down!

So here’s our opinion: if your portfolio has lost its get-up-and-go, you need to exercise your wealth back to health! Bench press your equity a little higher every month with our automated trading software and you’ll feel better in no time.

Our Prism Presidential Package could be just what the doctor ordered. A nice 3% per month (36% per year) could DOUBLE your money every two years. Just a $2,500 minimum account to get started and your first billing period is FREE.

And May All Your Investments Be Profitable,


‘Better Investing Through Science’

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