Two Out of Two Doctors Agree!

The Prism Daily
From David Taylor and Gordon Philips, the Forex Brothers. Your ‘One-A-Day’ financial news-tritional supplement, including trace elements of economic analysis that every healthy investor needs. Addresses a wide variety of monetary afflictions, from vacillation to impecunity. Specially formulated to go down easy! WARNING: Side effects may include elevated cognition and bouts of epiphany. If symptoms persist, unplug cable TV.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Tuesday, July 24-2012

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‘Two Out of Two Doctors Agree’
Profit is good for what ails you!

– If your bonds are looking bilious
– If your bank account is feeling anemic
– If the get-up-and-go in your portfolio has gotten up and gone…

Maybe you need some Prism Elixir, guaranteed to cure what ails you!!

Well, we can’t actually guarantee anything. But then again, neither can your financial planner or those guys over on Wall Street. But we *can* go one step farther. We can show you a track record that delivers the goods! Like 3% a month. Or even 9% a month! And we’re talking month after month here. God willing and the creek don’t rise, things should continue looking pretty good in the future, too. We wish we could say the same for Wall Street, but that’s a hearse of a different color. Get it, hearse? Sorry.

So why not elect our ‘Prism Presidential Package‘ and vote for a brighter tomorrow? Forget campaign buttons and cavernous convention halls full of party balloons. Vote for yourself! Just $2,500 to get started and the first month is FREE, compliments of Prism Solutions. This may be just what the doctor ordered.

Today’s Market MRI:  Is Vegas Signaling The Consumer Is Folding?

ZeroHedge Reports: Visitor volume to Las Vegas is the highest since 2007, despite rising hotel rates, but gaming revenues are near flat… Discretionary spending behavior is reliant on consumer sentiment and economic outlook; gambling is the ultimate “luxury item” because there’s absolutely no guaranteed return, so gambling behavior is a near real-time indicator of changes in consumer confidence. Our gambling indicators, both domestic and abroad, show what feels a lot like recessionary behavior and point to another leg down in the latter half of 2012.

Prism Responds: Well, well, well. People are pouring into Vegas but they aren’t gambling. They’re sitting on their wallets. What an extraordinary indicator! It’s the ‘Vig Index’ — as raw, real and raunchy as Vegas itself. It can’t be fudged by rating agencies or federal apparatchiks and it’s heading down. Place your bets, America. It’s time to double down on the economy again. As for us, we’re betting on mathematics!

And May All Your Investments Be Profitable,

‘Better Investing Through Science’

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