Elect Wealth!

Quadruple your money by 2016, even as the dollar fails, stocks plummet and bonds blow up! Learn more here.

Dear Reader,

With another presidential election looming, America gears up for our quadrennial horse race as everyone wonders who it’s going to be this time, Obomney or Robama? Forgive us, we meant Obama or Romney?

The Republicans (the go-slower socialists) have their money on the conservative candidate, while the Democrats (the go-faster socialists) have their bet on the liberal candidate. One of the two will win, and life will go on. But what kind of life will it be for America as the economy keeps heading downhill?

Here at Prism Solutions we try to remain political atheists. Our vote isn’t on political parties, but on the Constitution, that parchment relic locked behind bulletproof glass that tourists admire and photograph. We especially like the first 10 Amendments. You might remember them… they’re called the Bill of Suggestions?

Truth be told, we don’t lose too much sleep thinking about politics here at the office. In fact, the last time Gordon tried doing that he dozed off at his computer, fell on the ‘Enter’ key and closed some profitable trades! Which just goes to show you how separate the worlds of politics and profitology really are.

As our contribution to the upcoming political dog and pony show, Prism Solutions has created a brand new and potentially lucrative program that grows money out of thin air. No, we weren’t referring to Social Security, we call it our ‘Prism Presidential Package.’ Here’s how it works.

You begin by making a campaign contribution… to yourself! Just $2,500 instead of the usual $5,000 minimum to get started trading with.

Then we do our very best to help our software grow your war chest by 3% a month, roughly 36% a year, a rate with the potential to DOUBLE your money in 2 years and QUADRUPLE it in 4 years!

That’s right, by the time the presidential horse race is off and running again in 2016 (Bill vs. Hillary?), you could be sitting on FOUR TIMES what you started with.

Are the Republicans, going to do THAT for you? How about the Democrats? Do they love you THAT much? We don’t think so, Dear Reader. But then again, we’re biased. Our money is on mathematics!

Now, since we’re all grown ups here, obviously we can’t guarantee this. But given our past track record (and barring something catastrophic happening to the economy like Congress slashing spending to only those activities permitted in the Constitution), the chances are pretty good that our software can QUADRUPLE your money over the next 4 years, give or take a few months one way or the other.

Plus, to show you what nice guys we are, we’ll be happy to waive all fees for the first billing period as our way of lobbying for your financial future.

So whether your money is on the pachyderm or the jackass (our apologies, we mean the elephant or the donkey) to rescue the economy, we say: rescue your own economy!

Elect Math!

Math wins every time that 2 +2 = 4! Math can’t be corrupted, it needs no teleprompter and it can balance a budget faster than an exploding derivative. So why not visit our new ‘Prism Presidential Package‘ web page and get started now. Because today is the first day in the rest of your financial future…



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