Bond Bull Trend Blow-Off

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On This Date….
As related in the book, ‘Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation’ by Joseph J. Ellis, on this date in 1804 Aaron Burr dispatched Alexander Hamilton in a duel of honor fought at dawn with pistols on a ledge in Weehawken, New Jersey, complete with doctors present. Each contestant had been rowed separately across the Hudson River from their Manhattan residences by their seconds early on the morning of July 11. Burr wounded Hamilton and three days later General Hamilton was dead, to the outrage of the public. Burr fled town in fear for his life.

Thomas DiLorenzo in his book ‘Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution — And What It Means for Americans Today’ makes a strong argument that autocratic, centralized government fueled by central banking based on the inherent fraud of fractional reserves was birthed by Alexander Hamilton, the guy on the $10 bill. An aging Thomas Jefferson wrote that Hamilton – who after the British defeat at Yorktown had urged unsuccessfully that George Washington appoint himself king of the new American nation – was in favor of a monarchy and, in particular, ‘for a monarchy bottomed on corruption.’

So here’s a toast to Aaron Burr. May his memory forever be a burr under the saddle of financial corruption, wherever and whenever it may surface. And where do you suppose those famous dueling pistols reside today? In a glass display case at Chase Bank. In Manhattan.

Today’s Daily Dose

Treasury Bonds In Final Blow-Off Stage Of 30-Year Bull Market

Peter Brandt Reports: “I believe that the T-Bond market (basis the futures) is in the final blow-off of a bull trend that began in the early 1980s… my extended-term macro view of the market is that this current advance is the final leg of an historic bull trend — and that when completed, Bonds (and all other global interest rate futures) will become the short play of a lifetime… The U.S. government’s Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) will not go on forever. The forces of market discipline will not be kind in the end… I believe the market is driving to the final high. Wherever this high is, it is likely to be a high for 50 or more years.”

Prism Responds: So when the bond bubble pops, what are you going to do next? After stockpiling gold, silver, antiques, historical documents, rare stamps and antiques, of course. We were referring to your electronic assets. Stocks are too risky, bonds could pop soon and bank CD’s are all but useless. May we suggest a ride on the wild side?

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