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Today’s Daily Dose

“It’s Final” U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Saudi Informant

Beacon Equity Reports: “The triggering event to WWIII could be as early as October, according to Debka-Net-Weekly’s intelligence moles. Iran cannot be allowed to sell Iranian oil for any other currency other than the U.S. dollar—a fatal mistake Iraq’s Saddam Hussein made in his quest to lead the charge to undermine U.S. dollar hegemony in 2000… ‘It is already decided,’ one Saudi prince told an unnamed European official… ‘the question now isn’t if the Americans will attack Iran, but when’… Given U.S. debt levels and the stated neoconservative project for U.S. global domination, Tehran’s objective constitutes an obvious encroachment on U.S. dollar supremacy in the international oil market.”

Prism Alerts: Think of this one as a freebie from Dave and Gordon. We’ve written recently about the concept of ‘creating your own economy’. Unless you’d like to be paying $4-$6 at the pump for a gallon of gasoline when all heck breaks loose in the Gulf of Hormuz, we suggest that you consider loading up on some shares of ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas (ETF) ‘DIG’ which returns a 2% profit for each 1% rise in the oil sector.

DIG is making a nice, rounded saucer bottom on the 12-month chart which isn’t as salacious as it might sound. It’s actually a macro-technical analysis charting pattern which indicates that price is retesting gradually higher lows, a bullish sign.

We can’t verify the accuracy or reliability of today’s article but, given the empire’s recent behavior, it looks like a plan to us. When the first shot is fired against ancient Persia, ‘The first human civilization’ according to Professor Arthur A. Pope, we expect the price of a barrel of crude oil (as measured in Federal Reserve Notes) to emulate a missile launch.

Looked at from the opposite perspective, if an when Uncle Sam decides to put Iran’s lights out, would you want to be short oil?

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