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Today’s Daily Dose

Inflation Lobby Is About To Win The Argument

MarketWatch Asks: “Is inflation a good or a bad thing?… If you have lots of debt, and own equities, property and commodities, then inflation is pretty good. If you are a creditor, and own mostly bonds, then it is a bad thing… there is a global argument going on between the people who want inflation and those who don’t… right now, that power balance is shifting. Europe and Japan are about to switch to inflation. That will have huge implications for the markets. Such as? Property and blue chip equities will do well. Bonds will do badly. Most of all, gold will spiral up into the next phase of its bull run.”

Prism Responds:

The public has been conditioned to see at least a modicum of inflation as a necessity in a healthy economy. It’s not, being neither necessary nor healthy.

Inflation is the deliberate, engineered introduction into circulation of debt/credit money above and beyond that amount which is necessary to facilitate transactions within the economy. Every percentage point of inflation above zero measures the rate at which wealth flows from the hands of the users of money into those of its creators. The question is not whether there will be inflation, but whether an excess of inflation will cause the public to wake up, like when the farmers puts a little too much water in the milk.

On a personal level, our wives consider inflation to be terrible thing since milk, bread and diapers all cost more. But for Dave Taylor and Gordon Philips inflation can be a wonderful thing. Like stars twinkling in the night, inflation causes little bright spots of price volatility to shimmer all over the currency market. It is this very volatility that our automated currency trading software is designed to vacuum up, and at rates of return that leave inflation gasping.

Who’s afraid of a little century-long monetary manipulation? We say, bring it on.

Speeding Up the DOW
Huzzah! The DOW is up 3.89% over the past 6 months… and, sorry to say, with inflation having already erased over 100% of those gains. And just when you were about to break out the party poppers. Meanwhile, our Conservative Growth Strategy is rising an average of 3.38% each month. At the bottom of that page you can see each month’s actual net % ROI. OK, now you can break out the party poppers!

The Doctor Will See You Now…

Dear Investor,

Do you suffer from financial flab and a sagging bottom line? How would you like to lap a 1-year bank CD every month and pump your portfolio without going to the gym? If the symptoms of deteriorating net worth are causing you concern, our automated wealth augmentation service may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Step 4 – Get started growing a modest portion of your overall risk capital with our fully automated wealth augmentation services. Remember: today is the first day in the rest of your financial life.

Building Stronger Retirement Portfolios 12 Ways
* Making money faster than bank CDs
* Making money faster than your 401(k)
* Making money faster than Jim Cramer
* Making money faster than Suze Orman
* Making money faster than your neighbors
* Making money faster than stocks or bonds
* Making money faster than your co-workers
* Making money faster than your tennis buddies
* Making money faster than your financial planner
* Making money faster than Mr. Obama can tax it
* Making money faster than the Fed can destroy it
* Making money faster than your mohter ever thought possible

Until next time…

May All Your Investments Be Profitable,

The Staff and Management of Prism Solutions, LLC
‘Better Investing Through Science’

‘No Investor Left Behind’

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